Total Women’s Cycling: Cycling in Tenerife

If you really can’t stand climbing, don’t go to Tenerife. And if you only do the climbing to earn rapid descents, think again. But if you’re after a welcome relief from wet and cold winter miles, a chance to rekindle your relationship with that shiny summer bike in a land of unbelievable landscapes and challenges, Tenerife is the destination for you.

From the sea to the top of Mount Teide, the volcano that dominates the island, there are a range of roads to explore, from steep and testing urban streets to scandinavian-like forests, switchbacks through banana plantations to the moonscape of the volcanic summit.

Read on to discover why Tenerife is an awesome choice for a winter escape and some advice for when you get there.

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Cycling in Tenerife: Plan a Trip to Europe’s Winter Escape


The five main routes up Mount Teide


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