Total Women’s Cycling Review: Sportful Giara Collection

The Giara collection is something quite different. The emerging gravel/adventure road bike movement seems to be rather like marmite, but for those who are embracing it, Sportful have created this new collection specifically for the purpose.

Comprised of a pair of waist shorts, a loose fit jersey, a lightweight windproof jacket, stretch overshorts and accessories including a breathable cap and fingerless mitts, the collection was conceived with long days in the saddle exploring the road – or track – less travelled.

The design is modest; black, dark grey and a heathered grey are contrasted by a signature reflective coral band that unifies the outfit.

Whilst there are some strokes of genius in the range (you’ll do very well to prize me from the overshorts any time soon), other elements are disappointing, and call the £350 price tag into question. It’s a bold first step into this discipline for Sportful, one to be refined, but also applauded.

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