Total Women’s Cycling Review: dhb Aeron Women’s Storm Waterproof Jacket

Reviewing the dhb Aeron Women’s Storm Waterproof back in January was only the start; it’s a piece of kit that has become a staple in my cycling wardrobe through the first few months of the year. The waterproof and windproof qualities of this beautifully fitted jacket make it a great choice for these winter and transitional months, but it’s versatility is key to why it’s a firm favourite of mine. Layered up with thermal base layers and jerseys on a deep winter club run or simply worn as a casual commuter jacket, it’s a solid all-rounder.

Despite owning some of the original dhb kit from a few years ago that I had thought to be rather basic, my opinion of dhb has certainly started to change. Marketed at the upper end of their audience, this highly technical jacket is still better value at £125 compared to some of it’s competitors, such as the Castelli Gabba, yet outperformed in my opinion.

My continued, and almost daily, use of the dhb Aeron jacket is testament to it’s quality and functionality.

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